Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We're Going Live!

 Have Your Donor Find YOU!

For the second time, the AAKP (American Association of Kidney Patients) has invited Harvey Mysel, director of the Living Kidney Donor Network, to facilitate a workshop at their National Patients Meeting at the Nashville Marriot. When I was considering donating a kidney, I learned a lot from Harvey's website.  We're going to go live right before the session gets going. Tune in at 12:30 CST.  I'll introduce you to Harvey and some of the folks involved with the American Association of Kidney Patients.  I also hope to meet some of the folks who, just like you, need to find a donor. 

 There a few spaces left.

Click here to email or call 312-473-3772 to reserve your spot. Ask a friend, family member, or an advocate to attend with you so they could help you with your "Kidney Kampaign." 
Click here to learn more about the workshop.  

Can't make it?  That's okay.  Click here to visit the Living Kidney Donor Network to learn more. 

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