I fell in love with writing in 1969. My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Gabbert, assigned a year-long book writing project for each of us.All told, it was probably ten pages long.I remember my mom (editor extraordonaire) helping me with countless rewrites and pecking away at our manual Royal typewriter. I still don't know how I came up with the storyline: a ten year old gets her friends off drugs by switching the real thing with  a placebo. I don't think that I ever felt prouder of a school project.   Wrapped in shiny contact paper, the labor of love taught me two writing lessons. First, write and revise until you can't improve it anymore. Second, always keep your editor happy.

I didn't get serious about writing again until about my fifteenth year of teaching. One of my students' parents encouraged me to attend her writing group. I thought that I had really made it when a few of my devotions were included in couple of self-published compilations. Later, a friend invited me to her group's Sheltie Rescue Reunion. I called the local paper to see if they could send a reporter/photographer. None were available. The editor asked me to take a stab.
I've been writing ever since.

Covington News and Rockdale News: Over one hundred devotions, Religion Editor for The Rockdale News, Finalist in the Georgia Better Newspaper Contest in both the Serious Column Writing and Religion Sections
After donating a kidney to my cousin, I wrote a four part series, in our local paper, The Rockdale News. Click here to read A Journey Through Kidney Donation. 

Currently, I am working on an ebook about the living donation experience for potential donors, recipients and their caregivers.  It will be available in August (2018), just in time when I'll travel with Team Georgia to compete in the Donate Life Transplant Games of America in Salt Lake City. This Olympic style competition is an incredible testimony of how transplantation can result in people living healthy, active lives.

Click to learn why over 6,000 recipients, living donors, caregivers and donor families attended the last one. 

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