Why the bean?

Lisa Hetzel—living kidney donor, educator, writer—has emerged as a kidney donor advocate.  Her heart is to help those who need a kidney.  So, why the bean?

  • Kidney patients often refer to their kidney as their bean.
  • The transplant took place in Boston, AKA, Bean Town.
  •  One of her favorite entrees is chili-loaded with kidney beans.
  •  When someone needs a kidney, they need the whole thing. When God asks us to love Him, he wants us to love Him with everything that we have—our whole being!

Friends will tell you that Lisa is passionate about kidney donation. Currently, she  volunteers as a mentor for the Georgia Transplant Foundation and speaker for the Living Kidney Donor Network. She also serves as the President for the Madison Chapter of Word-Weavers International. Click to visit their blog.

Interested in learning more or booking her as a speaker for your group?  Click here to send her an email.

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