Friday, January 26, 2018

T-shirt campaign lands a kidney for Robert Liebowitz

Need a kidney? Looking for a donor? One way is to tell your story. Sometimes, it can lead to a chain of events.Within the past month, Robert Liebowitz received a kidney.

Photo of Robert Liebowitz and his t-shirt that spread wild on Facebook

Did you hear how it started? He designed a tshirt and wore it when he and his family were at DisneyWorld.

Apparently, another DisneyWorld guest, Rocio Sandoval, spotted the shirt and asked if she could take a photo and post it on Facebook. It went viral!

Check out the links below to see how a total stranger, Richie Sully, saw the photo and became Robert's donor. 

Click to watch the kidney recipient and his donor on the Today Show, one week after the transplant.

Click to read the article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

It sure is an incredible story.  What about you, the one searching for a kidney? How will you tell your story? If you need help getting started, click to visit The Living Kidney Donor Network. If you are c curious about getting started, the previous link will help. If you need more direction, email me,  I sure would be nice to see another person have a successful transplant.

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