Friday, December 9, 2022

Press Pause

It's the second week of December and neighbors are already rushing around. No time to talk or visit, they need to get to the latest sale, bake cookies, send a little something to work...

I am choosing to press pause. This year, I'm choosing to spend time enjoying the Christmas season. I'm not going to cram every event in my calendar, host parties, bake my socks off, and end up exhausted. 

Instead, I'm going to try a more realistic schedule. Sundays are scheduled around mass and family. Decorations are simple. The nativity scene is out, advent wreath is set, and the tree is up.  I only used one box of decorations. There is no need to pull everything out. I'm thankful that I have plenty to choose.

I realize that I have the luxury to make these choices. 

Families with young kids, packed schedules and wish lists may not be able to slow down completely. But maybe, they can choose to pause, choose to catch their breath, and treasure this precious season of love.

What about you? What are you doing to make sure that you relax and enjoy this time?