1. Why do people choose to undergo a transplant? Click to learn from a transplant surgeon at Piedmont Transplant Institute in Atlanta.

2. What do living kidney donors look like?-Click to visit Women Encouraging Living Donation.
3. What kind of support is available for potential donors, recipients, and caregivers?

  • Georgia Transplant Foundation- Click to visit GTFThis Georgia-based organization helps as long as the recipient or living donor is from Georgia. They provide mentors for all 3 groups listed above. They also assist with fundraising and education resources.
  • Living Kidney Donation- Click to visit The Living Kidney Donor Network  Learn from a two-time kidney recipient and founder of this program. (great info. for those are curious about stepping forward, different ways to make transplants happen, and how to set up your own campaign at no cost). 
4. Who can help with a social media campaign?

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