Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Why do people donate kidneys to strangers?

Seems strange to many.  Why would someone choose to undergo lengthy testing and an unnecessary operation in order to donate to a stranger?

I've met several of these people.  They're referred to as altruistic donors.  Many of them will respond to the question above with the same response, "Why Not?"

Amazing.  Listen to a few of them in this Youtube video.  Click here to learn why some people choose to donate.

Recently, I connected with Ned Brooks,an altruistic donor who shared his rationale at a  TEDx event. Click here to watch Ned Brooks explain why, at age 65, he chose to donate to a stranger.

Here's something else that's cool.  Many of these people continue to promote living kidney donation.  Ned is the founder of Donor to Donor. Visit www.donortodonor.com to learn how they help End Stage Renal Disease patients find compatible donors.

What would you like to know about kidney donation?

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