Tuesday, August 16, 2016

When You're Waiting for a Kidney Transplant

Several of my transplant candidate friends are navigating bumps in the road.  Some have recently discovered that they have complications that make them a hard match.  A few, who are eligible for a living donor, have just been told that the potential donor can't go through.  It can feel so depressing.

Don't give up.  Bumps in the road might be temporary. Keep moving.  As long as your transplant/donor coordinator hasn't told you to stop considering transplant, keep hoping.  Last June, I went with Team Georgia to the Transplant Games of America.  I have never seen so many people involved in the transplant process.
Team Georgia 2016
Donors and recipients won gold medals in swimming, track & field, volleyball, road races (10K), bike races and even ball room dancing.  They proved that life after transplant might even have some complications, but it was all worth it.

Ballroom dancer and heart recipient Cathryn Seller

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